Thursday, January 24, 2008

Actual Conversations I SWEAR Were Heard in Actual Libraries #107

SETTING: My "liberry" as Ms. Green's son comes to the circ desk to pay for a print of a draft of a school paper. Ms. Green herself is standing nearby, having finished helping her son at the computer moments earlier.

MS. GREEN— (Seeing son with paper) You printed it? You finished it already?

SON— I changed a few things to make it sound like I wrote it.


library mistress said...

lol - really committed parent.

Anonymous said...

wait till Mrs Green is writing his work reports and the kid is living in the basement at 30.

otarsus said...

Close to MLK day, we had several students ask, blank face, "Where’s the black people section"

An employee of a small town "liberry" chronicles his quest to remain sane while dealing with patrons who could star in a short-lived David Lynch television series.