Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Austin Day 6

Took the seester to work Tuesday morning and had to pay close attention to the roads so I could not only get back home but also so the wife and I could return to pick her up later. Back at her place, we set about cleaning up her apartment and replacing necessities, such as toilet paper. Lemme tell you, the amount of food we'd all been causes a person to really tear through the... well, you do the math.

GASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL: Ate the remaining jalapeno boudain I'd bought, plus eggs all wrapped up in tortillas. This breakfast feast was made by my wife in the seester's kitchen. After picking up the seester, we met our friend Georgina for lunch at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill. They have a giant fork speared with cheese fries outside. And there was spearing of cheese fries to be done inside too. Georgina recommended a burger called the Horseshoe and I was the only one to take up the challenge. The menu describes it as thus: "Originally served on a horseshoe shaped plate, this dish starts with Texas toast topped with 8 ounces of ground sirloin and cheddar cheese, then it is smothered with a velvety cheese sauce, piled high with Hyde Park Fries, more cheese sauce, diced tomatoes and fresh scallions. This dish is comfort food at its best!" And let me tell you, that description was not lying. You couldn't even see the entree for all the cheese fries that had been piled on top of it. But once you were able to get to it, ohhh, but it was tender and delicious. I declared that had the entire thing been sprinkled with bacon pieces first, I could have eaten it and died happy right there. As it was, I had to eat it sans bacon and it was still pretty damned close to a poetic tombstone quote in its deliciousness. Georgina was impressed I ate it all, but she does not know that I refuse to be defeated by mere food.

After that, we went shopping at Toy Joy, a toy store over on Guadalupe, followed by a record store. Then we walked over to the Spider House cafe/bar for some coffee and chatting and watching of all the people running around in their woolen hats, cause damn it was pushing 59 degrees. At 3:15 in the afternoon, we weren't the least hip people in the joint, which was refreshing. As our flight left at 5, we needed to be at the airport around 4, so we hit the road and clawed our way through afternoon Austin traffic. We said good byes to the seester, did the TSA screening thing and ate more of Delta's cheese & crackers on the way to Atlanta. Had a 2 hour layover there, so we ate at TGI Fridays, where the tables are so close together you can't even think. I ordered fish & chips and a local beer called Georgia on my Mind. It was all pretty good, though nothing really to write home about on the beer. It was smooth enough, but pretty standard beer. The fish & chips were okay too, though I've eaten fried Alaskan halibut with gourmet chips at the Glacier Brewhouse, so it had little hope of making a blip on my culinary radar. Plus, who really goes to TGI Fridays for good food?

We're now back in NC, where I'm hastily dashing this entry off before we hit the road. It's very cold here and I haven't packed anything particularly warm to wear. I could use a woolen hat. I'm supposed to be back at work later this afternoon. I told Mrs. A I might be late. I wonder if she'd mind if I phoned in dead for the day?

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