Saturday, January 12, 2008

Austin Day 3

Had fun hanging out with the `rents and seester. Shopped a bit through the day, including a visit to one of my all time favorite comic shops in the world, Austin Books & Comics. Holy shit, that place makes me SO happy! They have EVERYTHING and lots of it. If it's a graphic novel or a trade paperback you want, they have multiple copies of it. I purchased Powers: Secret Identity, the latest collection in the Powers series.

Later I saw one of my oldest friends, Gordon, and met his dog Lucy.

GASTRONOMICAL JOUIRNAL: Went to breakfast at Juan in a Million, on Cesar Chavez. They have a breakfast taco called the Don Juan. It's only about $3.75 but is food to feed the 5000, or at least me. You have to have extra tortillas to finish the sheer amount of eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese that they haul out for you. We all ordered one and then went into food comas. It was a late breakfast, though, so we didn't eat again until 5p when we went to dinner at Iron Works barbeque. Pretty good stuff there, too. Had the beef plate. Afterward, we headed over to Waterloo Records and Amy's Ice Cream, which is a locally-owned version of Cold Stone Creamery. I had a massive waffle cone filled with Mexican vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed Reeses cups and Nutter Butters. Then I smacked a random stranger, it was that good. Late in the evening, my sister's friends Star & Liz threw a gathering in our honor to finally meet us. Beer was drunk and cats and small dogs were tormented.

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tiny robot said...

Austin Comics & Books is pretty damned cool. I also like Dragon's Lair, about 3 miles north.

Glad you enjoyed Austin!

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