Friday, December 12, 2003

Update on Mrs. J

Got some fairly good news on the Mrs. J front. Her tests in Charleston proved that her heart-attack-like symptoms were caused by some blockage in two of the lesser vessels near her heart. The doctors are going to try treating her with medication and have put her on quite a few different medications, including daily insulin shots and have given her a strict diet to follow. I think this is good. Mrs. J was already a diabetic, yet she ate loads of sweets and whatever else she wanted, despite our protests. Now she says she's going to stick to the diet, as her doctor told her she could either stick to it or die.

She'll be out for another two weeks, during which time the rest of us will have to pick up the work Mrs. J did. And let me tell you, she does A LOT of work. We wound up letting the upstairs shelving go for a couple of weeks and I turned up Wednesday to find a massive pile of books that had to be shelved.

Mrs. J, we miss you.

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