Tuesday, December 02, 2003

And the drama just keeps on coming

A few minutes ago, our chief librarian gave me a call to let me know that Mrs. J, one of our library workers, is in intensive care right now due to a heart attack. It doesn't seem to be a severe one, at this point, but any heart attack is bad news.

Mrs. J is a nice lady who's been with the library staff for several years. She started out as a Green Thumb worker, paid by the local Green Thumb group to work there, but after they dropped her from their payroll last year our library board agreed to pick her up as a regular employee at the same rate. Mrs J is a good soul, who every year we have to try and talk out of spending her entire paycheck buying presents to give us at our Christmas party. We rarely succeed entirely, but can usually convince her to give us food instead.

If you're of a praying mind, please say one for her.

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