Wednesday, December 03, 2003

UGH!!! Part II

The day actually got much better. Several of my favorite patrons came in and brightened my day, got some good news from a friend, plus I was able to order and early lunch from the Atkins-friendly downtown restaurant that delivers locally. (I'm back on the Induction period of Atkins, after damaging my carbohydrate avoiding/fat burning digestive system over Thanksgiving. I'm frankly glad to be back on the program, because I can't recall feeling as bloated and sluggish as I did after consuming all those tasty, tasty, empty carbs.)

Other than the fact that I now have about 400 paper cuts on my tongue from licking fund drive envelopes all morning, and the predicted 9 inches of snow we're about to get, and the phone ringing off the hook every time I sit down to type something, and the fact that there are probably 5 handicapped patrons upstairs who, from the sound of it, are trying to jump through the floor, I'm doing pretty good.

Even better is the news that Mrs. J did not have a heart attack after all, but merely has some suspected cardiac blockage and is going for treatment in Charleston tomorrow. This means she likely didn't have any damage to her heart from her episode yesterday. Very good news indeed.

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