Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Brothers in Arms

Well, this blog's made headlines. Over at LIS Blogsource, a library blog about library blogs, they've put up a link to me as part of their Dec 3 entry. Mighty nice of `em. Turns out there are quite a few library related blogs out there. And I haven't exactly cornered the market on the use of the term "Liberry", either.

Probably the biggest and best of them that I've found so far is http://liberryblooze.blogspot.com. This site just irritated me. Not only has it already been around for more than TWO YEARS, but it's using the same frickin' template that I originally chose for this site (hence why I've changed all my colors recently).

The worst part is, it's a great Liberry Horror story site! I should aspire to be that entertaining.


I'm of half a mind to say "Screw this blogging business" and just go read LiberryBlooze.

But I'm not gonna.

What I'm gonna do is continue making cosmetic changes and proceed business as usual. Oh, and I'd also like to say congrats to Jonathan on reaching the two year mark with Liberryblooze and wish him many years to come. You're a brother in arms, sir, and I salute you.

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