Sunday, December 14, 2003

More Snow (oh, AND brains)

Nothing terribly Liberry related to say at the moment.

It's been snowing again here. Started Saturday night with some sleet and freezing rain then turned to snow overnight and has vacillated back and forth ever since. Made getting around town kind of a pain. Actually, it wasn't that big a pain, since my wife, the former Alaskan, took the wheel and chauffeured me around to my day's events.

Both the community chorale and church choir I sing with had their Christmas concerts/cantata today, so it was a bit of a busy party in the ol' vocal chords. Both concerts went very well, though the wifeonly barely made it to tonight's cantata. I had to be there early for rehearsal so I left her at home to finish packing to return to her surgical rotation this week. Before I left at 5:45, I warned her that she still needed to de-ice her car and not to piddle around and forget about it.

Shortly before our 7:30 cantata started, I looked out into the audience and didn't see the wife anywhere. I was a bit worried about her, but being as how the cantata was starting and I was the narrator, I couldn't do much about it other than pray.

Finally, bout three songs into the program, the wifecame through the door.

She had not, as I assumed, forgotten to de-ice her car. Instead, dutifully de-iced it at 6:30, well ahead of schedule, but couldn't get her Ford Escort station wagon up our steep driveway afterward. She had to put on her snow chains, one of which broke and wrapped itself around her axle, forcing her to get out and proceed to get soaked and filthy digging it out and putting it back on again. And then she just barely made it up the driveway at 7:35.

All things told, her day was still a sight better than Saddam's. Just for historic note, today's the day the world found out Saddam Hussein had been captured after 8 months on the lam. And on a personal note, I'm sure it's a shitfer to live in for any period of time, but the 4th grader in me thinks his little hidey hole looked kinda cool.

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