Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

No, Mrs. Carol Satan didn't kick the bucket. In fact, she's alive and well and in possession of a new "liberry" card. But enough about her...

Instead, our problems with the new Millennium system giving our printer diarrhea seem to have mostly been resolved. Today, Mrs. C noticed that the little PRINT SLIP box that had been turning itself on at its own whim, causing our printer to reward us with a cover-page and a print for just about any normal function, had simply vanished. Gone. Bye byes. We still had a PRINT button at the top of the screen, allowing us to print on our own schedule as necessary, but the slip box was definitely gone from all screens. We haven't heard officially, but it would seem someone has messed about with the master control program and sorted things out.

My theory is that someone higher-up did the math, saw how much money was being wasted by the printers of 31 libraries spitting out a steady stream of unwanted paper and told the techs to shut it off.

Now if we can only convince them to shut off the coversheets we'll be groovy.

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