Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Evil Incarnate Update

Interesting news today on the Deposit Book Crowd.

When I got in this morning, I suggested to Mrs. A that she hotfoot it down to the bank to cash the checks of Mr. and Mrs. Deadbeat, the Deposit Book felons she'd talked to on Tuesday, before they had time to put a stop on their checks. Mrs. A didn't think it was likely that they would, as it usually costs $20 to do such a stop. I said, it would be cheaper for them to spend $40 to stop two checks than to allow the full $300 value of those checks to hit their account. Then they would have our books and we wouldn't have funds to replace them.

"True," Mrs. A said. "I'm actually considering just calling them back and telling them they can have their checks back if they'll just return the books, and that they'll be banned from using our library afterwards."

Hmm. Sounded win-win to me. After all, we don't really want their money; we want our books back. The money is just there as added incentive for them to return the books. It's just that Deposit Book Crowd people NEVER want to jump through our hoops.

Before any action could be taken, though, we got a call from Mrs. D, the librarian at the nearest library to the Deadbeats. It seems Mrs. Deadbeat had dropped off three of the five books and Mrs. D was popping them in the mail to us even as she spoke. An hour later, Mrs. D called back to say she'd phoned Mrs. Deadbeat and told her they needed the other two books as well and Mrs. Deadbeat agreed to bring them in too.

Will wonders never cease!

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