Monday, April 07, 2008

Evidence of Behavioral Adaptation in Homo Hinkiens

While speaking with Mrs. A in the staff workroom, I glanced out the back door and spied Mr. Hinky coming up the sidewalk. As usual, he was carrying a paper coffee cup from Ornathological Coffee, complete with lid.

"Aw man," I said.

"What?" Mrs. A said.

I pointed out the back door and explained to her who was coming up the walk and what was likely about to happen once he came inside. If history had been any teacher, Mr. Hinky would be here to sign up for a computer. Because we don't allow drinks at our computers, I would have to ask him about his cup. Chances were good that it would be empty and also that Mr. Hinky would shake it at me to demonstrate this and give me a triumphant stink eye for my trouble. However, because of the times he's actually snuck full cups of coffee to the computers, I would still have to ask him about it all the same and go through what was becoming a ritual between us yet again.

I sighed, and was about to step out to the circulation desk to do my part of the ritual when through the window I saw Mr. Hinky stop, remove his backpack from his shoulders, place it upon the sidewalk, open the front pocket of the pack and insert his empty coffee cup into the bag.

"Oh, good move," I said. "Very good move."

Apparently, history has indeed been a teacher.

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