Friday, April 04, 2008

Actual Conversations Heard in Actual Libraries #125

SETTING: My "liberry" as sexagenarian "liberry" ass. Mrs. J is taking care of checking in some books at the circ desk. I see a young man approach the desk and hear him ask her a question.

PATRON-- Yeah, I saved a file on...

MRS. J-- (Who cannot hear) Whaaaaat?

PATRON-- I saved a file... to one of these... (sees he still isn't getting through to her and looks at me).

ME-- Can I help you?

PATRON-- Yeah, I saved a file on one of the computers over there, but someone else is using it right now. Is there any way to get my file?

ME-- (Recognizing this kid as one I signed onto his current computer, not ten minutes previous, before which he had entered the building and had not been in earlier to have saved his file on the other computer on this particular day) Um. I'm afraid your file is gone. Every time we reboot a computer, any files saved to it are wiped.

PATRON-- Awww maaaaaaan.

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Dances With Books said...

When will they ever learn? Thumb drives are cheap (buy one), you can always burn it on a disk, or you can e-mail it to yourself.

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