Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Additional Rogue Returns

Wow, it's a banner couple of weeks for returning stinky patrons!

I was no sooner through our front door, arriving for my afternoon shift, when I spotted an old rogue at the computers. We've not seen, nor better yet smelled, the Sweatiest Woman in all the Land (ne the Uriniest Woman in all the Land) for nigh on three years.

After the first two years of her absence, I had begun to wonder if she'd moved away or, perhaps, passed away. However, I spotted her in a restaurant several months back and knew she was still around.

One question popped into my mind: Was she still as putriffically stinky as before? Did I dare risk walking near enough to find out?

No. No, I did not dare to.

Soon the Sweatiest Woman in all the Land departed.

After much procrastination, during which no other employee made a move to go log off her computer, it was left to me to do. This I did, holding my breath as I walked over, only risking a test sniff after I'd successfully ordered the computer to reboot.

Yep. Still sweaty and/or uriney.


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Monster Library Student said...

Maybe while she was gone, she had come for a visit to Detroit...I think she visited our library too. :) Or maybe...she has a sister.

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