Monday, January 17, 2005

Must be training them right

I came in a few days ago to find two huge cardboard boxes full of new books to process. I later learned from Mrs. C that this represented two completely separate book orders from weeks apart that both arrived on the same day. She had already catalogued them and Mrs. B and Miss K had already stamped them and affixed their spine-labels, but the books still had to be covered and/or have their spine labels taped (and/or/or entirely retyped, in the case of undetected half-assed typing attempts). That fell to me to do solo.

I had a surprise awaiting me on the top of the first box's pile, though. There, before my weary eyes, was a brand new hardback copy of Marvel's collected 1602 mini-series, by Neil Gaiman/Andy Kubert, with it's gorgeous Scott McKowen cover staring back at me. Fantastic! Even better than it arriving, though, was the fact that I hadn't even had to bug Mrs. A and Mrs. C to order it in the first place. I later learned that Mrs. A had seen it in her Baker & Taylor catalog and ordered it on sight. (Granted, she knows I'm a Gaiman fanatic, so it was an easy bet that I'd want it for our graphic novel collection, but it's still a nice gesture that she chose it on her own.)

Incidentally, Mr. Scott McKowen is now illustrating the dust-jackets of a new series of unabridged hardback classics. We already have just such a new edition of Little Women and we're sure to snatch up other volumes ASAP.

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