Thursday, December 16, 2004

Made The Paper

Fellow library blogger Natalie Biz sent me a lovely Christmas present today. She forwarded a link to an article about Blogging published on December 5 in New Zealand's Dominion Post newspaper. The article features her blog prominently and is a rather nice write up of the recent controversial events surrounding it. Also included, in a side bar to the article, are a list of other blogs of interest. Included there, under the International Blogs heading, is a certain WV based "liberry" blogger.

I have to count this as one of the coolest and most welcome bits of fame I've experienced due to this blog.

(Also congrats to Violet from Short & Sweet Like Me, another favorite library blog who was also mentioned. Kinda ironic, since she just quit her job at the library there.)

Check it out for your own bad selves HERE.

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