Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Anti-Monday?

I arrived at work yesterday to find NO cars in the parking lot, let alone innanet crowders banging on the door to get in. Very very odd for a Monday. So odd, in fact, that I immediately wondered if I'd somehow missed that it was a holiday on which we were closed. It's not the first time I've had schedule issues recently because I'd failed to look at my schedule. I actually turned up for my shift last Friday only to discover I wasn't on schedule in the first place--a fact I might have realized had I the good sense to have taken home a copy of the work schedule. I'd made a copy right then and there, but have somehow misplaced it, for it's not in the house.

I parked, went inside and found Ms. M setting up for the day and my name on the schedule beside hers.

Our 1p Monday opening time arrived and two patrons turned up just as I went to unlock the door. Neither of them wanted computers. In fact, it was a few minutes before the first of our usual innanet crowders arrived. And while we did eventually fill all the computers, it took nearly three hours before Gene Gene the Geneal0gy Machine showed.

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