Monday, November 12, 2007

A Mother-In-Law's Love

Recently, the wife asked me to read an email her mother had sent. The email content itself is of no bearing to this story, except for a post script which read something to the effect that she, my wife, was to take my photograph when I opened a package that was soon to arrive for me.

"I have a package coming?" I asked.

"You weren't supposed to read that part," the wife said.

I started to argue the merits of asking me to read an email message without warning me in advance of the bits of it I wasn't supposed to read, but decided that as I still didn't know the contents of the package, no harm had been done.

And so it came to pass that in two days time a large box arrived addressed to us. Unfortunately, the wife was on call at the hospital that night, so I decided against opening it for fear of retribution for lost snapshot opportunities. When she returned the following day, however, I alerted her to its arrival and of my good behavior in not peeking at its contents. The wife told me that I was going to freak out with happiness when I saw what it was. And I knew she spoke the truth, for surprises from Ma designed to freak me out in a happy way always do. After all, my mother-in-law is the very lady who knitted me an eighteen foot long Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf a few Christmases ago, an act which caused me to leap about the room, giggling and clapping my Chex-mix stained hands together in glee, possessed firmly by my inner fourth-grader. Shortly thereafter, I was heard to to utter the phrase, "Hell yes, I'm gonna sleep with it!" when asked if I was planning to do so. And sleep with it I did.

The wife was practically giggling herself when she turned on the camera and prepared to record the moment of freakage she was sure was about to occur. Carefully I cut the tape holding the box flaps down, taking my time with it to prolong the moment. (I get so few positive freak-out moments in life, so it's best to savor them when they do come my way.) I then sliced the tape down the center of the box, slowly opened the cardboard flaps and peered into its depths.

My first glimpse of the contents was of an emergency roadside tool kit, the very kind I've been meaning to purchase for several years now. It was not, however, a freak-out worthy present. A bit to the left, I next spied a pair of lounge pants printed with the characters of South Park. Again, a fine present, but I was not freaking out.

Then I saw it.

Tardis Cookie JarPartially submerged in the sea of pink packing peanuts within was the object at right, a Doctor Who TARDIS cookie jar.

I completely and happilly freaked the hell out!

I cannot show you the images the wife took of my freak-out, for they are even more embarassing than my admission of sleeping in my scarf. Suffice it to say, I have yet to pass through my kitchen without reaching over and pressing the blue light atop the TARDIS's lid, which is the hidden switch that causes the beacon light to come to life while the sound effects of the craft dematerializing play for several seconds. It's truly one of the most satisfying kitchen-items I own.

Three Tardises and a Tin DogAt the moment, my TARDIS cookie jar is sadly filled with Kashi snack bars instead of unhealthy cookies, but I plan to rectify that as soon as the wife can be persuaded to bake up a batch of oatmeal rasin.

And, no, I haven't slept with it yet, but the week is young.

(At right, a TARDIS triad and a tin dog.)


Gardenbuzzy said...

Oh! How wonderful!! Another Dr. Who fan! I thought my husband and I were the only ones. And what a wonderful cookie jar! You are so LUCKY!!

Lisa said...

SWEET. If I got that I would never stop pushing the blue button.

Ordinary Janet said...

you're so lucky to have a ma-in-law like that! I'd be pushing that light every time I walked past it, too. And it's not even Christmas!

Scott M said...

Aw, that beats the heck out of my who memorabilia. One of our faculty went back to his native England for Christmas last year and brought me back a Dalek keychain in a cute little plastic display box with the new Doctor Who logo on it.

His son was interested in DW and I *ahem* acquired the first season *mumble, mumble* BitTorrent *mumble mumble* and burned it on a DVD for him.

We are truly an addicted and addicting group...

Tara said...

I'm so jealous! I'm going to have to get me a Tardis cookie jar...

Mary Piero Carey said...

OOk, OOk!!! Where did she get it? We wants one, we does!

Mary Piero Carey

Juice S. Aaron said...

I think Ma got my TARDIS from ebay.

There are several on there now, including one that's ceramic and looks mighty nice too.

However, if you want one quickly and without any auction fuss or muss, you can find the cookie jar and bout any Doctor Who related item you might like on the website for London's Forbidden Planet store.

Anonymous said...

Color me jealous!

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