Thursday, September 20, 2007

Actual Conversations Heard in Actual Libraries #93

(Setting: My "liberry" as Mr. Little Stupid approaches the circ-desk with a question.)

MR. LITTLE STUPID— How do you spell steel?

ME— Steel? As in the metal, or as in, "to steal something"?

MR. LITTLE STUPID— No. As in, "I'm steel goin' someplace."


ME— Oh! "Still." Sure. S-T-I-L-L.

MR. LITTLE STUPID— (Writes it down) Thanks.


Holley T said...

...not so little anymore

Anonymous said...

mr little stupid is the most hilarious rogue at your library

no seriously

Anonymous said...

I had a kid come up to the Reference Desk the other and say, "Do you have any crowns?" He repeated himself twice before finally pretending to write something in the air before I figured out he meant Crayons. Don't have any of those either!!

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