Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Postcards From My Coffee Table

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I'd kind of half-noticed this little guy sitting on my wife's Hallmark calendar, atop our coffee table, for 15 minutes before I realized it was a little guy. My brain said stray leaf that fell off the houseplants, which was exactly what my brain was supposed to think, instead of, hey, there's a fuzzy bug, smash it! Then I touched the calendar, the moth's fuzzy little legs moved and I stood back amazed.

If you click on the image, you can see that the calendar he's on has a flower on the cover. I imagine he was just trying to blend in.

Some people would argue this is a perfect example of the wonders of evolution. Others would argue it's an example of intelligent (divine) design. I'd say it's both.


Monster Library Student said...

That was both amazing and lovely!

Sarah said...

Perhaps I am a bit dense, but really, what IS it?

ziggys_mom said...

You MUST submit this photo to cuteoverload.com. After reading your blog for several months, this does not really seem like your kind of thing, but you can't keep cuteness like this to yourself! :)

katze said...

Very, very cool!

Foxy said...

I love him!
The roach riding parasitic wasp is favorite ammo for both sides of the debate as well.

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