Monday, July 30, 2007

Actual Telephone Conversations Heard in Actual Libraries #85


ME— Tri-Metro County Library.

TEENAGE GIRL— I need to... um... I have some books and I... um... I need to... um... re... um... re... I need to get them again.

ME— Okay. Can I have your library card number, please?

TEENAGE GIRL— Um... I don't have it.

ME— I'm sorry, but I'll need your library card number to renew them for you.

TEENAGE GIRL— They were... um... checked out on my mom's card. I don't have it.

ME— Then you'll need to get your mom to call later with her card number and we can renew them for you.

TEENAGE GIRL— Um... okay.

(Minutes Pass)


ME— Tri-Metro County Library.

TEENAGE GIRL'S MOM— Yes, my daughter just called about renewing some books and I'm calling to give you my library card number.

ME— Okay.




ME— Can I have your library card number?

TEENAGE GIRL'S MOM— Hang on a sec, I don't have it yet. You answered the phone too fast.


Lisa said...

Sometimes, I reach for the phone on its first ring and pause, thinking that maybe I'm setting Their expectations too high if I pick up that fast.

Then, I feel like a dork staring at the phone until ring two.

Monster Library Student said...

People are so bizarre!

floribunda said...

I can't quite remember how I got here... but anyway, I absolutely love your blog (and liberries) and I think you should publish a bokk of all this stuff!

The.Effing.Librarian said...

"You called me, you stupid motherf***er!" is what I would say if I didn't need the paycheck.
I always get the call for a phone number or address or something that requires the caller to write the information down, and when I give the answer, the say, "hold on, I need to get a pen."

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