Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr. B-Moustache?

Mr. B-Natural, as he threatened, is now wireless laptop equipped. He proudly marches into the "liberry," laptop case slung casually at his side, and gestures at us using the international sign-language for "Gimme a 4 hour session of wireless time, I've got a crossword puzzle callin' my name."

The odd thing is that along with his acquisition of modern personal technology, Mr. B-Natural has also acquired both a moustache and a golf-cap that looks as though it lost a fight with a leaky car battery. The cap is riddled with holes, allowing its padding to show through in places, but he wears it proudly all the same. While the moustache has yet to fully grow in, I have to admit that it kind of suits him. Or, at least, it works far better than the shiny silver toupee he sported, a few years back, before returning it, presumably to the toupee store, scarcely a week later.


Jan said...

Excited as I am for this new development, I'm sad that Mr. B may be featured in fewer stories due to his modern aquirements.

Juice S. Aaron said...

Oh, I doubt it. It's only a matter of time before logging in doesn't work the first time and he'll have to come crying to the circ desk for help. And when that happens, my fellow staff members will sell me out and tell him I'm the only guy who can help him.

Also, I caught him using the regular patron computers again the other day.

No, I'm not worried about running out of material.

Anonymous said...

I bet he'll grow a mustache that will be the envy of Freddie Mercury.

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