Monday, May 28, 2007

Postcards from Alaska #23

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A bald eagle feeding on a frozen lake. Originally, he was much closer to the road. So much so that when we saw him we both said, "What the hell is that big ass thing out there?" before realizing it was an eagle. I don't know if you've seen one live, before, but they're imposingly huge creatures. By the time we got the RV parked and Ashley had dashed barefooted through mud and snow melt to photograph it, the eagle took off and flew further out onto the lake to finish his meal.

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crsunlimited said...

I have only chanced upon one bald eagle here in Missouri. Yes they are huge. In fact the one I saw was taller then two of my children. It decided to feast upon some roadkill that was in the middle of a two lane highway. I stopped to watch as it eyed me in my minivan as if I was another creature getting ready to steal his meal. He decided to take it with him. He used one massive talon to grasp his food, and took one large flap with his wings. The roadkill was sufficiently attached to asphalt, so one flap made him jerk in a weird way, but it wasn't enough to bring this giant bird down. His second flap was strong enough to peal the remains off the road and bring him swiftly into the air. That was quite possibly the coolest nature experience I have ever had.

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