Thursday, January 11, 2007

Actual Telephone Conversations Heard in Actual Libraries #69 ("Awww yeah!")


ME: Tri-Metro County Library?

BIRTHDAY LADY: Yes, could you tell me what year Yvonne DeCarl0 was born?

ME: Oh, did she die?

BIRTHDAY LADY: Yes. Yes, she did.

ME: Aw. (Types) Hang on just a sec... (Googles Yvonne DeCarl0 and brings up her entry in IMDB.) Looks like September 1, 1922.

BIRTHDAY LADY: Oh, good. (Writing) Sep-tember... first... What was it?

ME: 1922.

BIRTHDAY LADY: Nineteen... twenty... two. Did you ever see her in that picture with Clark Gable?

ME: No, I'm afraid not. I'm mostly familiar with her from the Munsters.

BIRTHDAY LADY: Yes, she played in that too, but she was in a picture with Clark Gable that was very good.

ME: I can imagine. I have an early picture of her on the screen here and she was quite beautiful.

BIRTHDAY LADY: Thank you so much.

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