Monday, March 08, 2004

All mobbed up

Just want to give a brief shout of joy that new episodes of the Sopranos are now being broadcast.

Last night's was a pretty good start to the season. My prediction is that the Russian mob threat from a couple of seasons ago will finally reemerge this season. It's already being foreshadowed by not only the bear problem Carmella's having but the fact that Paulie and Christopher were talking about the very incident in question in their first scene of the season.

Bout time, I say.

Last night's episode also marks the countdown to the series end, as this season's 12 episodes and a short 6th season with 6 episodes are all that remains. I can almost see Tony surviving the series, but I sure hope Christopher and Paulie meet messy ends. They're absolutely irredeemable characters that I'd hate with passion if they weren't so fun to watch.

This season's additions of Robert Loggia and Steve Buschemi look like they'll be fun characters all the way.

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